Obama Daughter Criticized Over Choice of Anti-Cop Rap Band T-Shirt

As First Lady Michele Obama continues to regulate the food American children eat every day, it doesn’t seem as if she minds what music her teenage daughter listens to.

That is if, a photo posted by the rap band Pro Era is actually Malia, which the White House has yet to confirm or deny.

Malia, according to Pro Era, posted a selfie wearing a Pro Era t-shirt which sent the conservative pundits in a frenzy because of the collective’s perceived anti-white and anti-cop messages in their song.

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Some on the right weren’t waiting for any official confirmation.

One man leading the charge is Florida conservative Allen West, “Obviously 16-year-old Malia Obama is one of those very rare teens,” West wrote.  “Here she is pictured in a t-shirt supporting an anti-white cop gangsta rap group called Pro Era. Already following in her proud papa’s footsteps.”

The Christian Science Monitor debated the photo, but questioned it’s authenticity.


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