They don't make em' much nicer than this folks. Ebony is the queen of mushiness…

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They don’t make em’ much nicer than this folks. Ebony is the queen of mushiness! If you’re feeling a little down, go and see Ebony. Just seeing her giant smile and happy-butt-dance is enough to make you forget your troubles. Ebony is a 2 1/2 year old black lab/pit mix that came to us from our Newark facility in search of a good home. She was brought into Newark way back in August 2014 and after several months of waiting to be noticed, she decided to come down to Popcorn Park to try her luck with us. She has truly brightened our kennels and we’re happy to have this lovable lab. The pictures don’t do her justice, but Ebony is a sleek, black beauty that exudes happiness. She is extremely friendly and loves meeting new people. When you take her out for a walk or let her off the leash inside, she gets so happy that she smacks herself in the face with her own tail! Ebony is strong and energetic but with a harness on, she walks well on a leash. She will sit nicely when asked and takes toys and treats gently. Ebony loves to run and play in our exercise yard but loves even more just being with you. Ebony gets along fine with most dogs she meets and she would make a wonderful addition to any lucky family. File#24276 1/2/15
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