Ready for some big news?? No, not big, HUGE!! Remember our darling boy Teddy??…

Ready for some big news?? No, not big, HUGE!! Remember our darling boy Teddy?? Teddy was brought in to our Newark facility over a year ago with a sad story. Teddy did not have the greatest home. He had his ears cropped most likely with kitchen scissors, he was thin and neglected, and worst of all, he was attacked by another dog(s) and lost part of his lip. He was a bit shaken up when he was brought in, but with lots of love and attention, Teddy learned to put his past behind him and move on. His picture got lots of attention all over the internet and soon, he was adopted to what we thought was a good home. Sadly, we found out a short time later that Teddy was given away to someone else when the adopter’s living arrangements changed. We picked up our friend Teddy, and he came to stay with us at Popcorn Park.

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We loved this boy from the start. How could you not? He has such a warm, loving personality and just wants more than anything to make friends and have people treat him with kindness. Teddy was passed over for nearly a year but finally, our sweet boy got himself noticed. These nice people came along and saw in Teddy what all of us have known for so long…..that he is truly a gem that deserves the best home ever. Well finally, he has the best home ever! TEDDY GOT ADOPTED!! We are just thrilled for him! We will miss him so much but we’re so happy to see him go. Congratulations Teddy and family! May you have a long, happy, healthy life together. We’ll miss you Teddy, and love you always!

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