Governor Christie Asked for 1 Fact to Show He's Anti-Gun. Here it Is

by Phil Stilton

CHRIS CHRISTIE ON REPEAL OF NEW JERSEY’S ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN:  It’s Crazy. It’s Dangerous. It’s Radical. They Must Be Stopped.

ANKENY, IOWA-Despite being Governor of the state habitually ranked at the bottom of the list by gun advocacy groups,  Chris Christie took it personally when he was called “anti-gun” by an audience member.

“How are you going to [get] New Jersey gun owners to think you will be anything but a President Michael Bloomberg,” the man asked the governor.

Christie instead blamed New Jersey’s over-the-top gun laws on the Democratic legislature which he said was responsible for the state’s anti-gun laws.

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“Does New Jersey have a lot of difficult gun laws,” Christie said. “They were all signed before I was governor.”

“I’ve agreed with gun owners in New Jersey,” Christie said.

Not so, according to the Governor’s own past as a young aspiring Freeholder looking to win a state assembly seat in 1995.

Christie campaigned with Richard Merkt in that election and they ran on a solid platform to retain the state’s ban on assault rifles, which remains to this day, one of the strictest pieces of anti-gun legislation in America.

Christie and Merkt lost that primary in a bad way.

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Here is a campaign mailer for their campaign.

christie-gun-ad2 christie-anti-gun-ad-1995




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