49ers Send Care Package to Homeless Man Paid to Pour Coffee on His Head

SAN FRANCISCO-As a massive winter storm approached, Ron Leggat, the Ocean County, New Jersey homeless man  was hunkering down in a softball field dugout.   That was a day after he was promised a hotel room to weather the storm, but the deal fell through.

Leggat is now known for a viral video where he was paid $5 to pour coffee on his head by a member of a Lakewood family that owns a prominent business in town.

Local resident Cindy Lanoutte and Rev. Steven Brigham, formerly of Tent City, stepped in and rescued Leggat before the snow got too deep.

Like the video released by the Lakewood Scooop,  Leggat’s after  story also went viral.  Photos of Leggat wearing a weathered old San Francisco 49ers windbreaker, with his head covered in hot coffee made rounds in the national media.  Eventually, it caught the attention of an unidentified employee within the San Francisco 49ers organization.

On Friday, Brigham received a FedEx package from the 49ers which he hand delivered to Leggat at the motel where he is staying.

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“Dear Ron, We hope this care package finds you well,” the 49ers said. “Just to let you know that your friends at the San Francisco 49ers are thinking of you and hope you are doing well this winter.”

Inside the package was a new 49ers jacket, hat and other fan gear.

Brigham said the 49ers reached out to him regarding Leggat.

“They called me up and said ‘We saw Ron with a 49ers jacket on and we felt terrible about what happened to him and we wanted to send him a package'”, Brigham said.  Brigham told the 49ers representative that they were Leggat’s favorite NFL team.

“He’s a diehard 49ers fan,” Brigham added.

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Like a child on Christmas, Leggat opened the care package and was ecstatic. Among the items in the package was a Super Bowl 50 pin.

Leggat said he was able to watch part of this year’s Super Bowl.

“Until half-time, then I went to sleep,” Leggat added.

“It’s fantastic, it’s really good.  Thank you Joe Montana,” Leggat said. “San Francisco 49ers and everyone associated. Thank you very much for everything, you’ve surprised me to death.”

After putting on a 49er’s cap, Leggat said, “I’m good to go now.”

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He also said he’d be a 49ers fan for the rest of his life.

Homeless man who was paid to pour coffee on his head receives care package from the San Francisco 49ers. So cool. After seeing ron wearing his 49ers jacket in the dugout in the original photos, a member of the staff saw the story and reached out to Rev. Brigham to send him the special delivery.

Posted by Shore News Network on Friday, February 19, 2016


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