Trump: Fake news media is the enemy of the American People

With fair and balanced news hard to find these days, President Donald Trump once again lashed out at the media on Friday, calling out the “failing New York Times”, NBC News, ABC, CBS and CNN.

Trump gave a message they most likely won’t understand, that they are the “enemy” of the American people.

The liberal leaning news media has, for the most part, not only failed to fairly cover the new president, but are leading the liberal, alt-left’s charge against the administration, therefore against America.

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To date, the media still doesn’t get it, they have lost the attention of the average hardworking American and cater to the alt-left population base and it shows in the weekly Nielsen ratings as Fox News tops the charts on cable television overall with CNN and MSNB trailing far behind.

Photo by Zeke Miller, White House Press Pool.

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