Media Hails President Trump's Speech "Best Speech of His Life"

“A Grand Slam… The Best Speech of His Life” … “Home Run of a Speech” … “The Most Impressive Speech of His Fledgling Political Career” … “Remarkable”

Media outlets this week praised President Donald Trump’s speech to the joint session of Congress.   Despite the left’s opting out of the speech in protest, including an ovation for fallen U.S. Navy Seal William “Ryan” Owens and most liberal news media continued to find fault, several respectable sources applauded the President.


Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New York Post: “President Trump Hit a Grand Slam… The Best Speech of His Life and the Most Remarkable Speech in Decades by a Chief Executive to a Joint Session of Congress.” “President Trump hit a grand slam Tuesday night, with the best speech of his life and the most remarkable speech in decades by a chief executive to a joint session of Congress.” (Editorial, “Trump Delivered a Grand Slam of a Speech to the Nation,” New York Post, 3/1/17)


Arizona Republic: “Trump’s Best Day in the White House… This Man Looked Presidential…” “This was Trump’s best day in the White House, because for the first time he expressed a desire to unify the country without baiting his speech with insults for his opponents. … This man looked presidential.” (Editorial, “The Night Trump Became Our President,” Arizona Republic, 3/1/17)


Springfield (MA) Republican: “[Trump] Turned Presidential… Frequently Hopeful, Envisioning a Brighter Future for America and Americans…” “Donald Trump became president on Jan. 20. Forty days later, he turned presidential. … He still talked of building a wall on our nation’s border with Mexico, and spoke of the ravages of crime and drugs across the land, but he was also frequently hopeful, envisioning a brighter future for America and Americans.” (Editorial, “Trump Hits Reset Button With Address to Congress,” Springfield Republican, 3/1/17)

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Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Struck an Inspiring, Even Bipartisan Tone…” “What Americans will take away from Tuesday’s address is a president who at last struck an inspiring, even bipartisan tone, who asked Americans to be unafraid to dream of ‘American footprints on distant worlds,’ and of a country where having ‘millions lifted from welfare to work, mothers safe from fear, schools where children learn in peace’ is ‘not too much to ask.’” (Editorial, “Does Trump’s New Tone Signal a Real Shift?,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2/28/17)


Deseret News: “President Donald Trump’s Speech Struck a Tone of Unity and Optimism…” “President Donald Trump’s speech struck a tone of unity and optimism while advocating for the unique mixture of political positions that fueled Trump’s rise to the White House.” (Editorial, “Pres. Trump’s Otherwise Laudatory Speech Missed an Opportunity to Address Entitlement Reform,” Deseret News, 3/1/17)

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Albuquerque Journal: “President Donald Trump Delivered an Optimistic Message to the Nation…” “In a welcome departure from his previous public speeches, President Donald Trump delivered an optimistic message to the nation Tuesday, promising a new era of prosperity, a new approach to immigration, rebuilding of America’s infrastructure, a strengthening of the military, an overhaul of the nation’s health care system and tax code and, most notably, ‘a new chapter of American greatness.’” (Editorial, “Poised, Disciplined Trump a Welcome Change Of Pace,” Albuquerque Journal, 3/2/17)


Omaha World-Herald: “[Trump] Stood Up for His Beliefs, But Did So While Striking a Presidential Tone.” (Editorial, “Trump Shows Presidential Side,” Omaha World-Herald, 3/2/17)


Tulsa World: “We Congratulate the President On a Good Speech…” “We congratulate the president on a good speech and urge him to use it in his own best interest and that of the nation.” (Editorial, “Trump’s Speech Offers an Opportunity for a New Start,” Tulsa World, 3/2/17)


Charleston (WV) Daily Mail: “Home Run of a Speech…” “Members of the D.C. punditocracy gave President Donald Trump his due following his home run of a speech before both houses of Congress Tuesday night.” (Editorial, “What a Difference a Speech Makes,” Charleston Daily Mail, 3/2/17)

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Lakeland (FL) Ledger: “President Donald Trump Delivered the Most Impressive Speech of His Fledgling Political Career…” “President Donald Trump delivered the most impressive speech of his fledgling political career Tuesday night — one that blended familiar policy themes with some new ideas, offered a descriptive assessment of the ‘earthquake’ that propelled him to victory last November, extended an olive branch to naysayers and recounted a long list of what he sees as his achievements after just 40 days in office.” (Editorial, “Trump’s Theme Evident Without Being Spoken,” Lakeland Ledger, 3/2/17)


Toledo Blade: “[Trump’s] Style Is Direct and Not Eloquent. But It Is Sincere and Powerful.” (Editorial, “Something Beats Contempt,” Toledo Blade, 3/2/17)


Providence Journal: “Trump Exceeded Expectations with a Well-Written Speech…” “But even by that standard, Mr. Trump exceeded expectations with a well-written speech that re-introduced, in a less harsh manner, the same themes he has been pounding for more than a year.” (Editorial, “President Trump’s Speech to Congress,” Providence Journal, 3/1/17)


Washington Times: “Remarkable Speech…” “Donald Trump’s remarkable speech to Congress was notable for its tone, the public reaction it engendered and the way it left so may critical listeners speechless.” (Editorial, “Trump’s Second Chance,” Washington Times, 3/1/17)

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