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Jackson Police Seeking to ID Illegal Off Road Riders Who Vandalized Property

JACKSON-Finding a good spot to ride in the woods in Ocean County has become hard to find over the years.  Finding a good spot where it is legal to ride is even harder, but Jackson Township Police say finding a place to ride is not an excuse for breaking the law and vandalizing somebody’s property.

The owners of a property in Jackson tried to curb illegal riding on their land by placing a gate at the access point.   After the gate was broken down and chains cut several times, the owner put up a security camera to see who was doing it.   This week, that camera caught the perpetrators and the police department wants to find them.

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A report by the Jackson Police Department reads:

The Jackson Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in the attempt to identify several subjects suspected of being involved in a recent incident of trespassing and criminal mischief.

On Sunday July 23, 2017, Police Officer Ryan Donnelly responded to a residence on Toms River Road to take a report of trespassing and criminal mischief to property.

The victim reported that he had been having ongoing problems of several unknown subjects who have been damaging his property to gain access to ride off road vehicles. Due to past damage and occurrences of a gate being opened to access the property, the property owner had secured a trail camera at the location and chained and locked the gate.

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On the afternoon of Saturday July 15, 2017, the suspects are pictured approaching the gate and after finding it locked, attempting to cut the chains but were unable to. In another area nearby the gate, it was discovered that a section of the property owner’s fence was cut open to allow access to the property. The damaged fence was valued at $200.00 and was reported to be new damage which coincided with the incident and photographs provided by the victim.

The photographs depict several subjects who are on the victim’s property, which extends past the gate it appears they are attempting to open. The gate is used to block access to an area where he houses livestock. Anyone with information of the identities of these persons is asked to contact P.O. Donnelly at 732-928-1111.

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