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Holbrook Little League’s Toddfather in Full Support of State Champs

NEW YORK-Todd Frazier is often called “The Toddfather”, but to the boys of Holbrook Little League, some of whom train at his family’s Frazier Baseball Academy, he has truly become the Toddfather of the New Jersey state Little League champions.  Frazier, now a New York Yankee, acquired in a mid-summer trade with the Chicago WhiteSox wanted to show off his Jersey pride and asked for a Holbrook t-shirt to wear in the Bronx.

Usually, it’s the Little Leaguers who want to emulate the big leaguers, but this week,  Frazier, a former Little League World Series champion himself made a request to Holbrook Little League for a team t-shirt.

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Howell Township t-shirt vendor and uniform outfitter for Holbrook, DependabiliTEES made a custom #29 Todd Frazier back-to-back-to-back state champions shirt.

The shirt made its trek from Jackson to Yankee Stadium, hand delivered to Frazier in the dugout by Holbrook Little League softball coach Cory Hersh.

On Thursday, Frazier tweeted a photo of himself wearing the Holbrook shirt inside the Yankees clubhouse.

It’s not the first time Frazier showed his support for local little league champions.  In 2016, when Jackson Little League was on the verge of the state championship, Frazier cheered on the boys from behind home plate via Facetime on my cellphone.   It was Tommy Cartnick’s game winning home run that sent Jackson to the state championship that year.  Cartnick is the older brother of current team member Chris Cartnick.

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Prior to that, Frazier would record messages for the Toms River, Jackson and Holbrook teams to play in the dugout before important and decisive games.  Sometimes he would Facetime the kids in practice or in the dugout before games, giving them words of support and encouragement…sometimes even a little advice.

Frazier baseball has made an impact in youth baseball in Ocean County, hosting Frazier tournaments, sometimes visited by Todd himself in the off-season. The family, including brothers Jeff and Charlie, both ex-professional baseball players trains many of the young players in the area.  Often in the off-season, little brother Todd is on hand to assist.   It could be why the Holbrook team has dominated their opponents this summer.  It’s not every day that Little Leaguers get to train with and get support from their big league hero.

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“Holbrook letssssss gooooo . Represent ,” Frazier tweeted.

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