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Jackson Township Asks Battling Community Factions to Stop Using Town Seal

JACKSON-As the battle between the two opposing factions in Jackson, Orthodox Jews and Jackson “watchdogs” heats up, the township made it clear today that although both warring factions are using the township’s seal, neither side represents the township officially.

“It has come to the Township’s attention that various websites and social media sites have been using the Township’s official seal. Please be advised that these sites have not been authorized nor supported by Jackson Township. To obtain official and accurate information please visit the Township’s official website at or the Township’s official Facebook page, Township of Jackson,” the township said in a statement today.

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Facebook pages run by anonymous benefactors on both sides of the Orthodox vs. Strong/Watchdog debate have sprung up in the last 30 days using the township seal as their identifying logo.

On the Orthodox side, the anonymous pages and websites have released thousands of documents “outing” Jackson residents who have been vocal against issues pertaining to Orthodox Jews in the community.

On the other side, a new page published this weekend claims Orthodox Jews have a five-point plan to take over Jackson that includes taking political control of the town, dividing the community, diverting Jackson funds to private schools in Lakewood, blockbusting and creating dorms and houses of worship all over the town.

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An apparently Orthodox Facebook page threatens to expose Jackson residents it feels have engaged in anti-semitism and bigotry. The non-Jewish variant also says it will expose those in the Jewish community for their wrongs against humanity in Jackson.

A statement on the page reads:

These residents bank on the fact that good Jackson residents will not fight for their town, not speak up, just walk away because they are afraid.  These residents will be called out, disclosed for their unethical practices, their disrespectful behavior and moreover – show who they really are = corrupt, selfish, money grubbing individuals who will smile and say “We only want to be good neighbors” then put houses of worship in neighborhoods, summer camps in LLC purchased homes, hide using their “shell companies,” trespass on residents’ property, drive down neighborhoods with bad tenants (groups of day workers, drug dealers, renting rooms), and the list goes on.


Both sites use the township logo, which the township feels could be misleading to those who are unaware that the pages are not official pages run by the township.

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Because of their anonymous nature, none of the involved page names will be published here.


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