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Is the Party Over for Brick Democrats?

BRICK-A report today filed by Brick Township Democrat Stan Schick on PoliticsOC confirms what many have suspected for months, a strong divide is growing stronger every day within the Brick Township Democrats’ political power structure.

Brick Democrats, pooled their efforts together in 2013 to elect Mayor John Ducey and to take control of the once Republican controlled town.   That effort was led by former Lakewood Township County Committeeman Mitch Seim, a political operative who has worked on the political campaigns of three Lakewood mayors in recent years.   According to records obtained by the Ocean County Clerk, Seim lived in the home of former Lakewood Mayor Marta Harrison before relocating to Brick Township a few years ago.

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There now seem to be two Democrat parties in Brick, indicating that the club which is soon to be celebrating taking over Congress at the national level could soon be back on the streets in Brick Township by this time next  year.

The split in the club stems from Seim’s group of ultra-progressive liberals, including Mayor John Ducey who are trying to radicalize and take over the township who have shunned moderate and old-school Democrats.    The Brick club has become a “Do as I say, or else” attitude, according to many insiders in the township and Schick’s column today confirms those reports.

Seim has been tasked by New Jersey Democrats and Lakewood Democrats, such as former Mayor Harrison to take political control of municipal governments and school boards surrounding Lakewood Township and around the Jersey Shore area.    In 2017, Seim successfully placed three Democrats on the Toms River Township Council Meeting.  He also orchestrated the “Clean Sweep” movements in Brick and Toms River which saw his party gain control of the county’s two largest school districts.  Seim was on a winning streak until 2018 with his wins in Brick, Toms River and his former hometown of Lakewood.

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In 2018, Seim’s blue wave ran into a brick wall after his connections to mayoral candidate Tracie Yostpille were exposed, had he won in Jackson, he would have been the deal maker who took over Brick, Toms River, Jackson and Howell.   He also fell short in Howell, getting just one of his three candidates there elected.    Seim’s influence in Ocean County is rapidly diminishing and now with a party split in Brick, it will be tough for him to hold on to those seats in the 2019 election there with a split Democrat party in a historically Republican town.

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Schick’s account today details that split as the progressive liberal Seim faction hosts their annual holiday party at the same time as the Brick regular Democrat Club, in competition with each other.  According to Schick, Mayor Ducey has been telling people not to attend the Democrat Club’s party.




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