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Toms River Rite-Aid Pharmacy Workers Rushed to Hospital After “Suspicious” Package Found

 TOMS RIVER-A suspicious package, according to police, a box filled with newspaper caused the evacuation of the Route 37 Rite-Aid Pharmacy.   Employees called police after they thought the package contained an unknown, powder-like substance.

Two employees were rushed to Community Medical Center.

According to police, at approximately 1:40 PM on New Years Eve, Toms River Police responded to the Rite Aid located at 1726 Rt. 37 in reference to a suspicious package.

“Upon arrival, employees advised  the responding officers that they opened up a mail package that was delivered to the store and located a newspaper inside. The employees stated that they believed that they may have been exposed to an unknown powder like substance that was either on the newspaper or inside the box,” the department said in a press release prepared by Media Relations Specialist, Jill Messina.  “Preliminary inspection of the package by the New Jersey State Police HAZMAT Unit and the Berkeley Township HAZMAT  Unit deemed the package to be safe.”

The department provided no further information on the ordeal.

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