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NJ Election Commission: Anointed Ocean County GOP Party Boss Pick Earns $6.3 Million Annually According to Pay to Play Records

Holman Frenia Allison earned $28,000,000 in public contracts over a six year period.

TRENTON-A New Jersey Election Commission report filed by Frank B. Holman, III with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission shows that the leading candidate for Ocean County GOP Chairman received  $6,304,466.68 in public contracts in 2018.

According to “Pay to Play” records on file with the State New Jersey dating back to 2013, Holman’s firm earned over $28,000,000 in public funds, while donating $578,000 to political candidates in the municipalities where his firm recieves politically appointed accounting contracts.

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The 144 page document provided by the State Election Commission’s “Pay to Play” “referee” database shows Holman’s political and financial influence across the state of New Jersey.

A search on the state’s pay to play database of Holman’s opponent, Frank Sadeghi, owner of Morgan Engineering of Island Heights yielded no results, confirming Sadeghi’s campaign claim that he does not receive public contracts.   Sadeghi pledged that should he win the May 15th election, he would not seek public contracts.

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When asked about the huge sums of money Holman’s firm earns as a result of his current political activity, Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholder Virginia Haines said the party’s leadership isn’t concerned, because that’s how it’s always been.

“Nobody seemed too worried about that,” Haines said. “The thought never came into account because that’s just the way it’s been through the years.”

Holman Frenia Allison, P.C. – Political Contributions

2018 – $97,910.00
2017 – $114,655.00
2016 – $93,320.00
2015 – $87,910.00
2014 – $92,090.00
2013 – $95,925.00

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Holman Frenia Allison, P.C. – Payouts

2018 – $6,304,466.68
2017 – $6,741,551.30
2016 – $6,072,093.95
2015 – $5,628,837.9
2014 – $5,634,599.76
2013 – $4,640,079.50


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