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Murphy’s Battle with State Democrats Just Burned the Lakewood School District to the Ground

LAKEWOOD-Lakewood Township voters who were urged to vote for Democrat Governor Phil Murphy in 2017 might now be experiencing buyer’s remorse after the Governor’s battle with the Democrat party translated into budget cuts of $30 million in aid from the community’s already struggling public school system.

The Lakewood Scoop reported that the Senate Democrats, who are currently engaged in a political battle royale with the Governor slashed a promised $15 million in stabilization aid,  $6.1 million in transportation aid and $8.9 million in special education.

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It’s unclear if the Senate Democrats’ cuts were part of a message being sent to the Governor after receiving support from the Lakewood community in 2017.

State Assembly Democrat Craig Coughlin boasted about the budget, “Our budget is fiscally responsible and calls for a record surplus of well over $1.3 billion. Our budget funds Legislative Democrats’ priorities and the Governor’s priorities.”

“This is a good budget,” said State Assembly Democrat Eliana Pintor Marin. “I’m proud of this budget.”

It appears now, that Lakewood, like other school districts at the Jersey Shore will suffer as casualties of war as Governor Murphy continues his battle against his fellow Democrats.

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“It makes unnecessary cuts to valuable programs while increasing spending on non-vital ones and eliminates our first deposit in a decade into the state’s empty Rainy Day Fund, leaving us less prepared for an economic downturn. So, at this point, every option is on the table,” Murphy said of the budget.

Local Republican Assembly and Senate leaders were silent today on the budget news.

Meanwhile, Lakewood’s school facilities continue to deteriorate.  At this week’s graduation ceremony, parents and guests were told that the football field bleachers have been condemned.

“The Lakewood Football Field Bleachers, both the East and West side, otherwise known as the Home and Visitor Team, were deemed unsafe for use, and will not be utilized by students or staff for any reason or event, including High School graduation,” the district said.

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