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Some Residents Upset Over Free Narcan Program in New Jersey

TOMS RIVER-A posting by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office on our Facebook page generated tens of thousands of reads and hundreds of comments from irate residents over the State of New Jersey’s offering of free Narcan to anyone who asks.  The program made available the popular opioid overdose drug free of charge statewide.

While many supported the state’s battle against drug abuse, which has become a global pandemic, with a very high concentration here at the Jersey Shore, many others wanted to know why the state’s life-saving assistance was just limited to Narcan.

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“You can get this shit for free. But you can’t get the important life-saving drugs people need. Like insulin/EpiPens and ETC. this is some bullshit,” responded David Dachiowicz.  “Get high and overdose and do it over and over again. But don’t worry you are safe. To OD all over again. SMFH”

Maria Pelo asked, “Can we get free EpiPens?”
Others questioned why Narcan is being made available by the state, but other lifesaving emergency drugs such as EpiPens (Epinephrine) for children and adults suffering from potentially deadly allergic reactions and insulin weren’t also part of the state’s program.
“Insulin saves lives where can you pick it up for free????” asked Terry Rinebold.
EpiPens retail for about $600 for a two-pack, for those without insurance.  Insulin will cost uninsured patients about $400 per month.   Narcan, if purchased can cost between $120 and $150.
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