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Canfield Calls for Resignation of Brick School Board President in Light of ELEC Charges

Letter to the Editor

BRICK, NJ- The Shore News Network released an article dated July 15, 2019 stating that charges are being filed against 5 individuals, including Board of Education President Stephanie Wohlrab and current Board Member Victoria Pakala, along with 3 former board members and the campaign treasurer from the 2015 Campaign. Both Wohlrab and Pakala were re-elected in 2018 with newcomer Nicole Siebert.

“Ms. Wohlrab and her team need to resign. They cannot follow campaign law, how can we expect them to keep the kids and taxpayers best interests in mind?” Says Canfield.

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The article states that there were multiple donations that were not properly filed by the campaign, and, to date, there has been no corrective action to the reports.

“The kids are our top priority, but how can we make sure their needs are met when these people have a record of hiding finances and poor money management? It’s time for change!” Says Busa, a newcomer to politics.

Canfield and Busa are running on the “It’s Reform Time” slate seeking to bring transparency to the Board of Education along with fighting Trenton to secure the funding needed to meet the unique needs of Brick Township Public Schools.

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“We have a lot more English as a Second Language and Special Education students that need more funding. We also do not have our full tax base back from Sandy. We need more than Trenton will give, and it’s time we fight back!” Says Canfield about the campaign.

This year, there is also 4 Township Council Seats and multiple state level representatives up as well.

“This should be an interesting year for the Board of Education race. I think a lot of parents want change, and we are here to offer it.” Says Busa.


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Signed, Rob Canfield,

Candidate, Brick Township Board of Education

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