Dirt Mafia Wars: Glory Faction Whacks Three of Mayor Mike Reina’s Top Captains

JACKSON-Three of Mayor Michael Reina’s closest advisors were politically executed by the Glory and Holman Republican faction in Jackson Township this week.  Their crimes?  They attended a public meeting with members of the public regarding overdevelopment in their town.

Unfortunately for them, their meeting and statements were recorded and shared with the Lakewood media.  Upon the urging of Glory aligned Republicans, Reina was forced to accept their resignations this week.

For Jackson Township Republican Chairwoman Clara Glory, the resignations were a political victory as the three men had become vocal opponents of her party leadership.   For Reina, it is a political defeat, something he’s not used to, especially after garnering 13,000 votes from the community in last year’s election.   Without the support of the council and in light of the audio recording, Reina had no choice but to concede defeat and accept the resignations of Richard Egan, Joseph Sullivan, and Dr. Sheldon Hoffstein.    The three men were vital to Reina’s sweeping victory against Phil Murphy Democrats last November.

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Glory, who also serves on the Jackson Township MUA drew the ire of anti-over-development group Rise Up Ocean County, for which she had previously been a fan of.

“Jackson Township Planning Board member Richard Egan is being attacked by the Takewood Stoop for, if you can imagine, doing the right thing. Naturally all of the RUOC “fan” pages have joined the chorus, all aligned in their demand that Egan resigned from the Planning Board,” Rise Up Ocean County declared.  “And Jackson Planning Board Chairman Ken Bressi along with Jackson MUA Treasurer Clara Glory is responsible. More about Bressi and Glory a bit later.”

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After the resignations of the three Reina confidantes, Glory and the MUA approved a plan to bring water and sewer services to several new high-density housing projects in the township.


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