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Living Conditions in Ocasio-Cortez’ 14th District Nearly as Bad as Border “Concentration Camps”

BROOKLYN-While limousine socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lies in bed at night having panic attacks over the impending end of the world just 11.5 years from now in her swank Downtown D.C. luxury apartment, complete with rooftop pool, her constituents are living just above poverty level back in New York City.

According to U.S. Census Data, the 14th district isn’t doing that well, especially after Cortez sunk the district’s deal to bring in tens of thousands of jobs from Amazon.

The median age in her district is 38.8 years old and the community is predominantly Hispanic.  The per capita income back home is just $27,397, well below the New York City per capita of $37,156.  That means those who could have really used a job at the Amazon Headquarters are making more than 30% less their neighbors in other parts of the city.    In fact, Cortez’ district per capita income is well under the national average of $32,397.

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According to Cortez, many are doing this working two or three jobs with very long hours and for the 44% of married households with two working members, times aren’t much better, because combined, the median household income here is just $58,331, barely what many single parents outside of her district earn annually by themselves.

Twenty percent of children in her district live below the poverty level which is a 6% higher rate than the rest of the city and 7% higher than the national average.

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Those Amazon jobs are starting to look pretty darn good for those in her district NOT making $175,000 a year as a Congresswoman.

Home ownership?  Forget about it.  in her district, nearly 70% of the population will never achieve the American dream of homeownership because they are beholden to their landlords where a single housing unit will cost you about $512,000, nearly double that of the rest of the country.

In reality, most of the residents of her district are living as indentured servants…they will never own property and have no clear path for a better life…you know…because Amazon isn’t going to be creating better jobs for them now.

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For one of Cortez’ neighbors to get ahead in life, they would need to save their entire paycheck for 20 years just to be able to afford to buy their own place to live.  The only logical path for many is to run for Congress, like Cortez.




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