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While Cory Booker Chases D.C. Dreams, His Opponent Singh is More Concerned About Fighting New Jersey’s Nightmares

ATLANTIC CITY-While New Jersey’s U.S. Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker is traveling the country chasing dreams of becoming the next U.S. President, Hirsh Singh, an engineer from Atlantic County is traveling each day across the Garden State addressing the nightmares Booker is ignoring back at home.

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Singh, an Indian-American is currently the front-runner for the New Jersey GOP nomination to challenge Booker one year from now in the 2020 election.  Singh is hoping New Jersey Republicans will put him on the Trump ticket to take on the absent Booker head to head.

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“New Jersey is sick of being ignored by everyone because Democrats have been in power for a very long time,” Singh said. “We pay the highest taxes in the entire country and the infrastructure is just falling apart.”

Singh also criticized Booker’s mismanagement of the water system in Newark under Booker’s control had raised lead levels to a toxic level, putting hundreds of thousands city residents at risk.

“The city they have controlled for years, they don’t care that they’re poisoning the men, women and children that are living there,” Singh said.

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When asked where he thinks Cory Booker is on the poisoned water in an interview with OAN, Singh said it’s question on most New Jersey residents minds since Booker was elected to the Senate…where is Cory Booker?

“We don’t actually know where Cory Booker is because he cares more about running for President than the citizens of New Jersey,” Singh said.

Singh said if elected to Senate, he will fight for New Jersey, not his career and celebrity ambitions as Cory Booker has done.

He also criticized a law passed by New Jersey Democrats that he dubbed “Cory’s Law” that allows Booker to run for both U.S. Senate and U.S. President.

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“We’re looking for an opportunity to remove Cory Booker,” said Singh.  “New Jersey is sick and tired of being taken advantage of.”


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