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NJ Family Law Firm Takes Unique Approach to “Happiness Culture” to Improve Courtroom Success

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group is one of New Jersey’s largest and fastest-growing family law firms, with six offices throughout the state. In response to the firm’s phenomenal growth and reaching a pivotal moment in its expansion, the firm recently announced a complete re-imagining of its workplace culture.

“We listened closely to our attorneys and set aside the traditional law firm model to re-conceptualize how our attorneys’ goals, their talents, and their work/life balance are nurtured and developed. With expansion comes unique challenges, and so this past year has been devoted to listening, creating, and enhancing our offering to deliver exactly what our team members need for true happiness and satisfaction,” says Bari Z. Weinberger, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group founder and managing partner.

The new “WLG 2.0” is designed as a “forever firm” where attorney practices can grow and flourish, where individual strengths and talents are nurtured and recognized, and where potential is unlimited.

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New priorities in the WLG 2.0 initiative include:

Expanded partnership structure: The firm now offers three different levels of leadership roles to match attorneys’ strengths and career goals:

  • Managing Partner
  • Lead Partner, and
  • Operational Partner.

“We are very excited to develop an expanded team of attorney leaders. As the same time, we respect that some attorneys prefer to focus on developing their own practice. No matter what your goals, every attorney has unlimited potential,” Weinberger notes.

Happiness cultivation (work/life balance) that isn’t just lip service: Whether it’s raising kids, volunteering at a non-profit, or training for a marathon, attorneys are more supported than ever in creating work/life balance that keeps them feeling energized and fulfilled. Attorneys at the firm now have the unique benefit of working with “Employee Happiness Cultivator,” Pam Teagarden, to create a specific roadmap for work/life balance that meets whatever needs the attorney may have.

“As an expert in cultivating work/life balance in large teams like ours, Pam is amazing resource for helping each individual team member to find the structure, support and mentoring they need to make their vision for work/life balance a reality,” describes Weinberger.

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Enhanced Support for Career Development: To help attorneys stay ahead of the curve on frequent changes in New Jersey family law and best practices, enhanced support is now provided to help attorneys strategically align Continued Legal Education (CLE) opportunities with their career goals.

According to Weinberger, “Our message to attorneys is simple…you deserve every opportunity possible to grow in your mastery of family law and your skills as a lawyer. Your career development is our priority, and something we support and nurture through firm-wide mentoring and training.”

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Something that hasn’t changed is the firm’s unwavering mission to safeguarding clients and their children in their family law matters, bringing them through dark times into their bright new future.

Weinberger is confident that this new evolution of the firm’s workplace culture is also a benefit to clients.

“We’re excited about our reinvigorated firm culture and the motivation and energy it has brought to our entire team. It’s already taking our attorneys’ amazing care of our clients to even greater heights. Can you be a large firm where each and every individual is valued and where work/life balance is front and center? We prove every day that the answer to this question is an emphatic yes,” confirms Weinberger.

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group is seeking talented attorneys to join its dynamic team. For confidential inquiries, please email

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