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One thing you need to know about Donald Trump’s Wildwood rally

Trump holds campaign rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana

WILDWOOD-You may have just bragged on the internet that you have a ticket to President Donald J. Trump’s rally in Wildwood, but here’s news you might not like, but will thank us later for.

A ticket to the event doesn’t guarantee you entry.  Approximately 50,000 “tickets” will be issued for the January 28th rally at the Wildwood Convention Center, but only the first 7,000 in line will be getting through the door.

Wildwood is already reporting an increase in hotel bookings, so consider the prospect that you may book a hotel and still not be able to attend the event.

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In past rallies, people camped out to get to the front of the line, in some cases, the evening before just to get in.  If you expect to swing by after work that day, don’t count on getting in, but being staged in the parking lot watching the rally from outside in the cold on the jumbo screen.

Trump’s rallies are a solid way for the campaign to build their voter database.  The event is being hosted to boost Trump’s support in the blue state of New Jersey, but also to support Congressman Jeff Van Drew, who recently flipped from the Democrat party to the Republican Party, garnering Trump’s full endorsement.

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So just remember, before you go down, make sure you are alright with getting left out in the cold and your ticket does not guarantee you admission.

Most Trump rallies are broadcast live on Fox News.

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