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Is Mitt Romney’s Fate the Same as John McCain?

WASHINGTON, D.C.-It has been a long time coming, but Mitt Romney, once the poster child of the Republican Party, respected near and wide sealed his fate and completed his fall from grace on Friday. That’s when Romney, a diehard never-Trumper who, along with the Democrat party had voted to continue the sham of an impeachment being orchestrated by the Democrats.

Romney, 72, has been leading a one-man Republican charge against the President since Trump began his political campaign.  He’s now starting to feel the heat at home and across the country as a traitor to the President.

Trump did what Romney couldn’t. He won his presidential election. Romney, a serial-flip-flopper lost both of his bids for election.  He was once viewed as the leader of the Republican Party, but now, he has a growing base of Republicans who loathe him.

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His path in politics is mirroring that of John McCain. McCain also ran for President and lost. He was also one of the most well-respected Republicans in America.  That is, until he went against President Trump.  McCain eventually died in office, not the hero of the GOP, but as the Jane Fonda of the party, a traitor who betrayed his own President.

Romney has 6 years left in office. He will be 78 when he leaves office.  His legacy as a Republican isn’t looking to great right now.  But, can Mitt turn it around?  Can he repent for his four years of leading the Republican resistance against the President and repair his image as a party dissenter, or will he go the way of McCain and Jeff Flake?

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There’s good news for Mitt, things probably can’t get any worse after he sided with Democrats in the Senate to vote to allow more witness testimony in the Schiff-Pelosi impeachment hoax.   Today,  one thing is certain, Romney woke up this morning on the wrong side of history.  He has been banned from CPAC, where he was once the keynote speaking of the influential conservative political action committee filled with diehard Trump loyalists.

Trump won’t miss Romney as he continues his slide into irrelevance.

“Mitt Romney never knew how to win,” Trump had said of him this past fall. “He is a pompous “ass” who has been fighting me from the beginning, except when he begged me for my endorsement for his Senate run (I gave it to him), and when he begged me to be Secretary of State (I didn’t give it to him). He is so bad for R’s!”

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