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Political Corruption or Business As Usual? Mo Hill, Frank Holman Seek to Dismantle Toms River Republican Club

TOMS RIVER-It’s no secret, the Toms River Republican Club and Mayor Maurice Hill don’t have an exactly warm and cozy relationship.   Tensions between Hill and the Republican party were heightened last year after the club chose to endorse former Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato for mayor, instead of Hill.

Hill was enraged.  He quit the club and ran against it to secure the Republican nomination for mayor.

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The same story rings true for OC GOP Chairman Frank “Frankie” Holman.  Holman ran to become the new chairman of the party, but the majority of Toms River Republican Club members backed Frank Sadeghi.

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It’s unsure if Hill ever rejoined the club or if the club has mended fences with Frankie H., but tonight, Holman and Hill are hosting a meeting at Holman’s office…you know the one he was supposed to retire from if he became chairman, that is.

Insiders today are reporting that Holman and Hill are asking the entire executive committee to resign and they will appoint new executive members to their posts from their hand-picked stable.  Holman henchman Robert Shea, Jr. is expected to be given the club presidency.

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The move comes in advance of tomorrow’s nominations for Congress and U.S. Senate by the club.  Holman and his henchmen are supporting shoplifter Kate Gibbs for Congress. She has now received endorsements from Holman’s entire crony inner-circle, including strongman N.J. Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin,  John Catalano and syndicate matriarch Virginia Haines.  While the upper leadership that anointed Holman to the GOP chairmanship are in lock-step with each other over Gibbs, the floor vote on March 4th remains uncertain.  There is a chance that the county council, made of  up mayors and club leadership throughout the county may overturn Holman’s decision to endorse Gibbs Congress and Obama era Democrat Rikin Mehta for U.S. Senate.

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Removing key players from the vote could push the election in Holman and Haines’ favor, in support of Gibbs, who has been savaged over her criminal history in recent days.

Overturning the county screening committee’s decision will deal a major political blow to Holman and his syndicate who have ruled the party with an iron fist of fear, intimidation and retribution since taking power nearly one year ago.

Mayor Maurice Hill and NJ Assemblyman Gregory P. McCuckin. McGuckin served as Mo Hill’s mayoral transition team leader.

Old man Holman would be rolling over in his grave today if he knew the political debauchery being committed by his spawn.



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