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Berkeley Police Introduce Tasers to Safely Resolve Violent Conflicts without Deadly Force

The Berkeley Township Police announce the deployment of Tasers, conducted energy devices, to all sworn officers. This deployment comes after nearly a year of extensive training to include Use of Force, Attorney General Guidelines as well as detailed hands- on training.

These devices offer another tool, an additional less than lethal option, to safely resolve violent conflict without utilizing deadly force.

The majority of police/citizen contact does not involve force. Officers are able to diffuse situations verbally through the skills acquired from experience and training. Inevitably there will be times that violent encounters and the utilization of force will occur. Although rare, at times the only option available may be deadly force. These are the realities of police work. With that being said it is our responsibility as an agency and it is our obligation to our residents to possess all the tools and have the training to effectively and safely defuse situations at their lowest level when possible. The Taser deployment is a significant and positive addition to policing.

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The Berkeley Township Taser program was initiated by Chief Karin DiMichele with the support of Mayor Carmen Amato and the Township Council. Credit for designing and the implementation of the program goes to Berkeley Lieutenant Brian Woermer with the assistance of the Ocean County Prosecutors Office, Sergeant Michael Heale and Manchester Township Lieutenant James Komsa.

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