Governor Phil Murphy Blasts “Online Scapegoating” in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD-Governor Phil Murphy on Thursday credited the leadership of Lakewood Township for taking measures to curb public events that have been taking place in Lakewood Township over the past few days and criticized those use lack of judgment from some in that town as a platform to attack religious Jewish residents.

Lakewood’s coronavirus cases have officially soared in recent days as testing becomes more commonplace, but an unverified poll on the Lakewood Scoop shows that almost 1,000 respondents have or had symptoms of the coronavirus.

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“I take great offense when a small group of people take to social media to scapegoat others who worship differently, or look different, from them for what we’re experiencing now,” Governor Phil Murphy said. “That’s not only wrong in a moral and ethical sense, it’s just simply wrong on any factual basis. Every community in New Jersey is taking its role in this emergency with the utmost seriousness and gravity. We are one family, period. And we will get through this as one family.”

Governor Phil Murphy.

Posted by Shore News Network on Thursday, March 26, 2020

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