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Ocean County GOP Chairman Holman Loses Again, Not Picked for Trump Delegation

GOP Chairman Holman has abandoned ship, leaving New Jersey for the safer confines of the midwest to escape the coronavirus, but it’s not far enough for him to avoid more embarrassing political losses.

LACEY-Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman lost his bid to serve as a delegate at this year’s presidential nomination convention despite working hard to try to make it happen.  Holman’s reign as chairman has been plagued by problems and even national condemnations of antisemitism within his own party which may have lead to his not being chosen.

Earlier this year, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel condemned two of Holman’s closest allies in politics, Jackson GOP President Todd Porter and Jackson GOP Municipal Chairwoman Clara Glory over anti-Semitic posts the local leaders made on social media.   His party officials were also condemned by NJ GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt and New Jersey State Senator Robert Singer.

Holman who used the Orthodox Jewish vote in Lakewood to propel himself over the top one year ago in the county chairman’s election has since lost favor with members of the Lakewood GOP which voted for him.

Holman’s omission signals yet another hard to swallow defeat he has endured during his short tenure as Ocean County GOP Chairman.   Despite winning Republican stronghold Toms River by just a handful of votes in November, Holman lost a key battle in Brick Township as the party diverted all of its resources in a year-long battle to not lose the county seat.

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Afterward, Holman’s goons, led by Toms River Mayor Maurice B. Hill and New Jersey Assemblyman Greg McGuckin led a coup against the Toms River Republican Club for not endorsing or supporting Mo Hill for mayor, but that coup failed miserably, embarrassing Holman, Hill and McGuckin.

Further embarrassment for Holman’s crew came when the Ocean County GOP executive board and RNC Chairwoman Virginia Haines, 89, were defeated by rank and file Republicans at last month’s nominating convention.  Holman, Haines, McGuckin and other Holman faction party elites backed shoplifter Kate Gibbs for U.S. Congress and Big Pharma executive Rikin Mehta for U.S. Senate.   When it came to a floor vote before the party’s rank and file municipal leaders, Team Holman came up with another difficult loss as the floor voted to endorse Hirsh Singh for U.S. Senate and David Richter for U.S. Congress.  It was also a defeat for the Jackson faction again as Mayor Michael Reina was one of the executive board members who voted for Rikin and Gibbs and GOP Party Chairwoman Clara Glory put her support behind Mehta.

As the coronavirus broke out, Holman abandoned his community and drove to isolation in Kansas to weather the storm as thousands back in his home district have become infected by the disease.

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In CD-3, Brick Republican Club elder Ruthanne Scaturo will represent the district at this year’s nominating convention, joined by Sean Earlen and William Layton.  Alternates from CD 3 include Esther Libenschek, Kaunitz and Duncan Prime.

In CD-4, Holman’s allies in Jackson also failed to make the cut.   Christine Giordano Hanlon, Lisa Richford and Michael Thulen will serve as delegates.  Thomas Arnone, Shaun Golden and Jeffrey Polizzi will serve as alternates.

The RNC also chose state delegates, which provided to be yet another slap in the face to Holman and his thus-far lackluster display of leadership as GOP Chairman as the party chose former Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore’s wife, Joanne Gilmore to represent the party as a state-level national delegate.

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Governor Chris Christie leads the national delegation along with Dr. Munr Kazmir, Edward Bruce DiDonato, Henry Kuhl, Ed Walsh, Sen Michael Testa, Sen Joe Pennachio, Sen Kristen Corrado,  Al Barla and Joanne Gilmore

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