Hey You! Rumson Lawyer Charged for Hosting Pink Floyd Acoustic “Concert” During COVID-19 Pandemic

RUMSON-A homeowner in Rumson was charged by police on Sunday after he hosted a Pink Floyd acoustic themed coronavirus concert in a residential neighborhood, according to police.  John Maldjian was charged with reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and two separate charges for violating Governor Phil Murphy’s emergency stay-at-home executive order.

According to police, partygoers who were in their 40’s and 50’s in age, brought lawn chairs as the performance was streamed live on Facebook.

When police arrived to break up the party, some got rowdy, shouting “F8ck the police” and calling the police officers Nazis, according to the department.

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“When we informed everyone that they must leave–in accordance with Governor Murphy’s executive orders regarding these so called ‘corona-parties’–we were met with well wishes of ‘F-the police’ and ‘Welcome to Nazi Germany’ from this group of ’40-50 year old ADULTS,” the department said on Facebook. “The Rumson Police Department takes no enjoyment in ruining anyone’s fun! However we ALL have a responsibility to take this pandemic SERIOUSLY and adhere to the social distancing requirement.”



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