Jersey Strong: Shore Area Restaurants Continue to Weather COVID-19

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TOMS RIVER-While many businesses have been forced to shut down in New Jersey, those who are permitted to operate, even under restricted operations are showing exactly what it means to be Jersey Strong.   It would be easy for business owners to just roll over during the crisis, here’s 10 businesses fighting their way through the pandemic and what they’ve done to change the way they’re doing business to survive.

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Vacation plans canceled? Not a problem, plan your staycation now.

With vacations being canceled, many homeowners are trying to plan alternatives and Brother’s Landscaping of Freehold Township is there to help them with their plans.  They are offering some great incentives to finally get your backyard projects online for the spring and summer, since you’ll be spending a lot of time there this year, most likely.

Getting involved with the community.

The best thing a small business can do right now is helping your community in any way you can.  Times are tough, but giving back to the community comes naturally for many businesses, especially the Flemming family of Jackson Township.  The Flemmings operate County Line Hardware in Jackson and Lakehurst Hardware in Lakehurst.  They are always helping the community in good times and also in bad times.  They don’t do it for attention, they do it because they want to, but sometimes good deeds are noticed and recognized and it shows the character of the business owner.

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New offerings offer new opportunities

When the rules of the game are changed, you need to change the way you play the game.  At Fratellos in Monmouth County, they began changing how they serve customers and offered a “cherry” on top by creating “make your own cannoli” kits that have been a fun activity for customers.

Reinvent yourself 

What made you successful before COVID-19 does not necessarily translate to success during COVID-19 and adapting to change is nothing new for Tony Rivoli of Riv’s Silverton Hub.  Rivoli was on the front lines after Superstorm Sandy and he adapted his business plan to make it through that disaster, now he’s doing it again.

Giving is contagious

Chef Lou and his “army” at Blend on Main has taken giving back to the community to a new level.  Blend on Main has partnered with Fulfil, formerly the Monmouth – Ocean County food pantry and are delivering meals to those in need.  After being featured on Chef Ramsay’s To Hell and Back this winter, celebrity status has not gone to their heads as the entire staff is rolling up their sleeves and giving back to the community.

Think outside the box

What sets you apart from your competitors can sometimes be a simple thing like making decorate-your-own cupcake kits like what is being made available at the Red Rose Bakery in Toms River. While you don’t think cupcakes and cakes are essential, keeping sanity in your home and keeping everyone busy is essential to every family.

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Share your great ingredients with home chefs

While it’s easy to just order out, families are getting tired of cooking meals from scratch and also getting tired of eating takeout each night.  Mangia’s of Jackson Township solved that problem with homemade pizza kits.  It allows you to make a homemade meal with pre-prepared ingredients. We did this one night and it was the best homemade pizza we ever made.  The pizza in the photo at the top of this story is what we made with Mangia’s pizza kit.

Sometimes just getting the word out is enough to get you through the day

Denino’s of Staten Island is famous. Their store in Brick Township is now a well known staple at the Jersey Shore for Staten Island transplants, but sometimes just being there isn’t enough.  Denino’s is working hard to get the word out about their operations.

We still all scream for ice cream

Again, not an essential, but for well-being, ice cream is a go-to essential food for anyone, especially during a crisis.  Farley’s Homemade Ice Cream in Jackson Township let their customers know they’ll be doing car service at their ice cream shop to keep business going.

Taco Tuesday is will survive the pandemic

Not even coronavirus can spoil Taco Tuesday…and Wednesday…or Thursday.  Surf Taco, one of the shore’s favorite Tex-Mex chains has made changes to how they get their food out the door with the same quality and service as dining in.

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