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Mayors Begin Closing Town Parks in NJ Fearing State Shutdown Will Bring Out of Towners

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP-Hours after announcing the closure of state parks by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, municipalities across New Jersey began announcing they will be closing their own parks, not to keep their residents out, but to keep their small municipal parks from being inundated by out of towners.   Murphy’s law has now sent a chain reaction throughout small town New Jersey, including Hamilton Township in Burlington County that just announced closure of its town parks tonight.

“As a result of today’s announcement by the Governor that he is closing all State and County parks as of 8pm tonight, I have ordered all municipal parks closed as of 8pm tonight. This order pertains not only to Veteran’s and Sayen park but all “neighborhood” parks as well,” said Mayor Jeff Martin. “While I wanted all parks to remain open, I am concerned that if our parks remain open, they would not be able to safely handle the additional visitors. It would put your safety, and the safety of our parks employees, in jeopardy and I cannot take that chance.”

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Like Murphy, Martin said, he can’t help you with a public park, but stay in shape.

“Please continue to keep up your social and physical distancing, washing your hands, and abiding by all CDC recommendations. By all of us working together, we will get through this together. You all continue to make me Hamilton proud,” Martin added.

In regards to the Governor's decision to close all State and County parks beginning at 8pm tonight, April 7th, please…

Posted by Hamilton Township on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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