Swamp News: Mehta Turns on His Own Democrats; Criticizes Booker, Menendez

Rikin Mehta, a lifelong Democrat now running said he has seen the light and today fired back at his former political comrades Cory Booker and Bob Mendendez.  Mehta, who worked for the Obama administration’s food and drug administration and in the heavily liberal D.C. swamp after Obama left the Whitehouse now says they both need to go.

“It’s clear that Booker’s Democrat Party will stop at nothing to achieve its selfish vainglorious aims; this time politicizing a public health pandemic. New Jersey needs checks and balances among its two U.S. Senators. It’s time for New Jerseyeans to put policy over politics and fire Cory Booker for all our sakes,” said Mehta who was a Democrat until recently and used his Democrat ties within the New Jersey Republican Party to get himself on the ballot this year as a Republican.

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New Jersey has 21 counties and by excluding these four counties, emergency stimulus funding will only reach 17 of them, Mehta said as he seeks to rebrand himself as a conservative Republican after advocating his first few months to strengthen America’s opioid manufacturing supply chain.

“Not ironically, these four counties are Republican strongholds. The Democrat Party of New Jersey has once again betrayed the trust of the people and left them with nothing to save them from the bite of bankruptcy so many of them are facing,” Mehta said of his lifelong party affiliation, the Democrat Party.


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