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She’s wearing a penis mask for safety and for charity

We’ve all seen the “When you see it” memes, but one Utah woman is taking it to the next level.

From far away, it looks unassuming, but if you move closer to Mindy Vincent, you might notice that her new facemask has a bunch of penises (or is it peni?) on it.

That’s by design.

“Behold! My masks have arrived! I wore this to Walmart and petco today. When someone tells me my mask has penises on it, I kindly let them know this is how I determine they are too close, kindly back the fuck up.¬†ūüėĀ,” she said. “#projectpenismask¬†#cockblockcorona¬†¬†I’ll be posting info about getting these masks through¬†#projectpenismask¬†on my pages¬†Therapeutic Madness¬†and¬†Utah Harm Reduction Coalition! Standby friends!”

Not everyone appreciates Mindy’s penis masks.

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“Some lady just told me she doesn’t appreciate my post going viral as she has young kids,” she said.¬† “First of all, I didn’t do it. People keep sharing my shit ūüėĀ Second- I sure hope one of those young kids isn’t a boy. Third- I’m sure my penis mask was not the worst thing your young kids found on the internet today.”

Go check her out on Facebook because she’s doing this for a great cause to benefit the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition.


Info for penis masks!

For more info about getting your #projectpenismask, like our page Therapeutic Madness and Utah Harm Reduction Coalition! Together we can #cockblockcorona!

Posted by Therapeutic Madness on Friday, April 10, 2020


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