New Jersey Democrat Vows to Criticize Trump Daily; Today he “Failed to Address the Needs of South Jersey”

Brigid Harrison for South Jersey announced that beginning today Democratic Congressional candidate Brigid Callahan Harrison (NJ-02) will now provide a daily “South Jersey” response immediately following President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 press conferences.

As of Sunday, April 12th, there have been 61,850 confirmed cases in the state of New Jersey.  Yet in the state’s 2ndCongressional District, because of a lack of federal resources from the Federal Emergency Management Administration and little assistance in administering testing programs, only 254 people in Atlantic County, 165 people Cumberland County, 145 people in Cape May, and 61 people Salem County have tested positive in South Jersey.

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“Donald Trump and his pawn Jeff Van Drew have failed to capture and address the needs of South Jersey,” stated Harrison.  “Each afternoon, Trump is provided the most powerful soap box in the world to spin his self-serving, unfounded claims and push preposterous, unscientific narratives.   Meanwhile, the citizens of NJ-02 continue to hurt.  We are seeing the travel and tourism of Atlantic City come to a standstill, tens of thousands still waiting to be tested, and others tragically losing their lives.  It is time to strengthen the voice of New Jersey’s second district – but most of all it, its time someone steps up and provides a true factual narrative to the Trump lies.”

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“It is Jeff Van Drew’s job to make sure that we get our fair share from the federal government, but as Trump’s friend, he has been MIA in representing the dire needs of our area.  He has provided no policy prescriptions, no ideas, and to many in the counties that represent our area he literally cannot be found.  Together, we are going to build a needed platform that challenges Trump and his claims, but also provides the ideas and initiatives that Van Drew should be advocating for all of us.  Since getting elected, the proud South Jersey voice has been lost in DC – but we are going to bring it back,” Harrison continued.

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