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Toms River Mayor Mo Hill Finally Agrees to Join Council, Forfeit Salary During COVID-19 Furloughs

TOMS RIVER-Toms River Mayor Maurice “Mo” Hill has agreed to forfeit his salary to join his fellow elected officials sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Initially reported by the Asbury Park Press, the 7 council members unanimously agreed to not take their pay as a show of solidarity after Hill announced the furlough of 200 township workers.

Last night, Hill joined his councilmembers and the Asbury Park Press updated their initial story to include Hill.

Township Business Administrator Don Guardian said the 200 furloughs would save the township $124,000 per week.  Furloughed employees included 42 white collar union positions, 4 blue collar union positions, 7 supervisors, 103 part time union workers, 27 crossing guards, 7 councilmembers and the mayor.

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Only 7 of Mo Hill’ s 43 confidential hires in his cabinet will be furloughed, Guardian said. Those employees are mostly politically appointed workers, appointed by Hill when he took office in January.

Guardian said the town will save $388,000 per month and the town’s unions have agreed to waive the 45-day notice required under their contract in consideration for the township’s position during the pandemic.  Those furloughed employees, Guardian said will qualify under federally funded programs to receive a comparable weekly salary and the town will continue to provide health insurance to all furloughed employees.  Guardian added that the mayor and council do not qualify for those federally funded programs.

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Guardian said the Murphy shut down is starting to take a financial toll on the township’s already burdened finances.

Revenue streams of approximately $850,000 per month have dried up.  That include monthly revenues including the following:

  • $100,000 per month from Winding River Ice Rink.
  • $100,000 per month from the Bey Lea Golf Course.
  • $80,000 per month in court fines.
  •  $250,000 per month at the town’s construction offices.



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