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“Every Body Here Has Been Vaccinated Anyway”, Hot Mic Conversation with Fox News Host Goes Viral

Fox News Host John Roberts and a technician had a hot-mic exchange between news audio, video technician and Fox News host John Roberts prior to Monday’s daily Presidential COVID-19 press briefing revolves around a comment made by Roberts.

“You can take the mask off, the case fatality rate is at .1 to .3 according to USC,” Roberts said.

“Really? That’s reassuring,” the tech replied. “Everybody here’s been vaccinated anyway.”

“USC and LA County Public health have come out with a study found that there are 7,000 cases in California,” Roberts said. “But they really believe there are anywhere from 221,000 to 442,000 people infected.”

“So it was a hoax?” the technician said.

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“I don’t think it was a hoax,” Roberts replied.

It’s unsure what the exchange was referring to, but the exchange had a sarcastic undertone, apparently mocking the administration. The comment appears to be sarcastic.

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