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Public Disapproves of Murphy, Grewal’s “Outing” of COVID-19 Violators

MONMOUTH, NJ – A poll conducted by Monmouth University shows that many in New Jersey do not approve of Governor Phil Murphy’s daily rap sheet detailing arrests and charges against citizens for violating his executive orders.  In the poll, it was Murphy’s weak spot as Gurbir Grewal publishes a daily who’s who of violators.

The Monmouth Poll reports New Jerseyeans are favorable of Murphy’s social distancing orders, but not so happy about his park and shopping restrictions, while even fewer are happy with his public shaming.

Murphy has issued a number of executive orders since early March restricting certain activities in the state. The vast majority of the public is aware of these actions and approves of them. Specifically, from just under 9 in 10 to nearly all state residents approve of the following restrictions:

  • Requiring people to maintain six feet of distance (97% approve / 95% aware) and to wear a face covering in public (95% approve / 95% aware), as well as banning all gatherings and parties (88% approve / 85% aware);
  • Limiting restaurants to takeout and delivery only (94% approve / 96% aware);
  • Closure of gyms (94% approve / 94% aware), libraries (89% approve / 84% aware), child care centers (88% approve / 74% aware), and nonessential retail stores (86% approve / 92% aware); and
  • Moving the state primary date back a month (89% approve / 52% aware).
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Restrictions that receive somewhat lower, albeit still widespread, approval include:

  • Limiting supermarket hours (80% approve / 77% aware);
  • Stopping nonessential construction projects (74% approve / 66% aware);
  • Closure of state and county parks (70% approve / 90% aware); and
  • Publicly naming people cited for outbreak violations (64% approve / 35% aware).

When it comes to publicly naming those cited by police for violating the outbreak restrictions, 75% of Democrats approve and 22% disapprove, 59% of independents approve and 38% disapprove, and 60% of Republicans approve and 38% disapprove. However, this is the one action tested in the poll that most New Jerseyans have not heard about. Just 35% are aware that the state is doing this, 30% say it is not, and 35% say they do not know whether it is. Among those who are actually aware of the public outing of violators, 76% approve of it and 22% disapprove.

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“This is one measure that has escaped the public’s attention. If the question we asked had mentioned the fact that many of those cited also coughed or spat on police officers and grocery store workers, approval of this action would probably be even higher in the poll,” s

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