Watch Nancy Pelosi Panhandling for 10 Bucks Shortly Before COVID-19 Pandemic for Re-Election

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Somehow, Nancy Pelosi has figured out how to amass a $16 million fortune on her $235,000 per year Congressional salary, but this week, the Speaker of House of the United States went on camera to beg Americans to give her 10 bucks.

In the bizarre video entitled, “Can I count on your $10?”, it seems more like she needs the money because the office liquor cabinet has run dry and the local liquor store is closing in 15 minutes.

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“Republicans are making it absolutely clear they want to unseat me,” Pelosi said.

Well, ya.

Can I count on your $10?

I’m humbly asking for $10 and your help before midnight.Donald Trump has smeared my Democrats and me with vicious lies. I refuse to let his lies go unanswered — but I can’t do it alone. Can chip in before midnight and help me fight back?

Posted by Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday, March 3, 2020





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