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COVID-19 Has Turned Most of America into Karen

Across America, the Karens of the world have been empowered by the COVID-19 pandemic.  They have taken to Facebook to complain about the local deli counter guy not changing his gloves between orders, called police on neighbors checking their mail without face coverings and are blaming everyone in their town for being the reason we all have to stay indoors.

Karens are the stereotypical soccer moms who are usually preoccupied with measuring the weights of their children’s pre-prepped school lunches, spending half their days on the phone complaining about social infractions committed by others, sometimes, digging years into the past.

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The Karen community is usually in the wild this time of year, arguing with referees at soccer games or complaining to coaches about their child’s playing time on the field, but like everyone else, Karen is now stuck at home, but that’s not going to stop her.

Across New Jersey, Karens are out in force during the COVID-19, dropping dimes on their friends’ illegal nail salons or enacting payback because Debra just got her hair done at the hair salon that opened just for her the other day.

There are also extreme cases of Karen in the wilds of New Jersey, such as the Karen in Steinert who went full Karen on some of her students playing in the local park.

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When they’re not dropping a dime on the locals, many Karens have been taking to social media to complain about pretty much everything related to the COVID-19 pandemic that really doesn’t matter, including lines at grocery stores, toilet paper shortages, Lysol, homeschooling and more.  They hang out in community Facebook pages and decide what the best course of action is to reopen America, centered around themselves of course, calculating the number of travel ball days between now and September 1st and readjusting their tentative summer calendars daily.

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