Report: Steinert Math Teacher Coronarages on Kids At Park “I Hope You Die of Coronavirus”

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HAMILTON, NJ – The Trentonian has a hell of a story today, complete with video of a Steinert High School teacher losing her mind yelling at kids breaking Murphy’s Law in a town park.  The students were playing football at the old Homedell School on East Franklin Street, most likely being jackasses and provoking the teacher, but nevertheless, things got out of control quick.

“Park closed! You’ll get arrested if the cops come,” the teacher, whose name we’re not publishing for the benefit of coronamadness. “I’m just trying to save your ass and your life, but die, I you both get coronavirus and die a long painful death.”

By now, you would think any teacher knows how to calmly handle wise-ass high school students, but this woman just lost it.

“We are surrounded by idiots!!!!!! Rode our bikes near Kuser Park this afternoon and what to [sic] we see but a younger couple with their daughter maybe 2/3 years old UNDOING the caution tape around the jungle gym so she could slide. I totally called them out on it, wished illness on them and commented that it was scary to even think they were parents. Their response: ‘We were going to put it back,” she later posted of Facebook.

Here’s the full story in the Trentonian.


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