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Watch As NJ Police Officer Pushes Burning Car to Save Taco Bell Restaurant

STAFFORD TOWNSHIP, NJ – Stafford Township Police Officer Oler  arrived at the scene of a vehicle fire in front of Taco Bell.  After the vehicle became fully engulfed in flames, Oler quickly realized he had no choice but to push the burning vehicle away from the Taco Bell restaurant as flames were getting dangerously close.    Older singlehandedly saved Taco Bell and put his own safety in jeopardy for the common good of the people of Stafford Township.

Cop Saves Taco Bell from Certain Destruction

Cop Saves Taco Bell from Certain Destruction

Posted by New Jersey News on Sunday, April 26, 2020

“Officer Oler arrived just in time to assist with a vehicle fire at the Taco Bell drive through today. Great job Officer Oler!!,” the department said today.

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