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While You Hid From the Coronavirus, She Built A Canoe Out of Mushrooms

NEBRASKA – NBC – While you were hiding inside your home last month trying to stay away from the coronavirus, binge-watching Real Housewives, this Nebraska college student was building a canoe…out of mushrooms.

“An enterprising young Nebraska woman who recently ‘grew’ her own canoe out of mushroom has proven that the fungus is much more than just a dinner ingredient,” NBC reported. “While this might sound like the beginning of a fairytale, it’s actually just Katy Ayers’s unique way of informing the public about the utility of fungi and mycelium. She used this fascinating organism—which is neither plant nor bacteria nor animal—to create a hardened, water-tight vessel which she has fondly dubbed her “Myconoe”.”

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Learn more about Katy and her mushroom canoe.

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