Pine Beach Says Zero Tolerance During Murphy’s Law, Especially When It Comes to Jumping Off the Pier

PINE BEACH, NJ – The Pine Beach Police Department is serious.  No how, no way will anyone violate social distancing guidelines this summer on the small borough’s beaches and waterfront…and nobody is jumping off the dock anytime soon.  That was the stern message given by the department today as beaches in the borough reopened.

“On behalf of the Pine Beach Police Department we are advising all residents and non-residents that beach badges and parking permits are REQUIRED for all piers, beaches, and waterfront locations! There is going to be ZERO TOLERANCE for any individuals that violates any borough ordinance for jumping off the pier or commiserating without beach badges and not obeying the social distancing executive orders,” the department said on Facebook.  “We are requesting you to speak with your children about the safety concern due to the fact we do not want any children’s safety jeopardized. The police department is requesting assistance to assure all borough ordinances and executive orders are followed. We thank you for your support and assistance on this matter. For beach badges and parking permits you can go to borough hall during regular business hours to acquire them.”

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In case you skimmed to this point in the article, just to clarify, “JUMPING OFF THE PIER IS NOT PERMITTED AND WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER!”  OK, Karen.   Speaking of Karen, the department also wants residents to channel their inner Karens and if they observe any of these infractions please contact the police department for a police response.

And then, as expected, Facebook happened.

  • yeah ok…lets rat out kids having fun after being locked in house arrest for 3 months.
  • Wow! May I ask what will you be doing to our children? I wish our state publized who calls to rat out kids who are trying to have honest fun. Rather they partake in the major drug issue in the County? What’s happening to this state! Common sense, responsibility and education go way farther than these types of measures. LOVE PB, and love PB police even more!! The greatest! But this is both concerning and disappointing.
  • Rat out kids? Just because you are too incompetent to parent as you should, others have to potentially suffer. Your poor little babies, stuck at home with their mother. Yeah, poor kids.
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Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash


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