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Massachusetts Town Paints Arrows On Sidewalks Directing People Which Way to Walk During COVID-19

SWAMPSCOTT, MA – Township workers in Swampscott, Massachusetts today were seen painting orange arrows on sidewalks in town to be used as a guide to tell which direction people should walk on each side of the street.  “What are you guys doing?” asked resident Jennifer Gomez. “For people work in the same direction.”

Even the workers painting the arrows admit the idea is pretty stupid and really didn’t know why they were painting the lines.

“Don’t you realize this is insanity?” Gomez asked.

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“We’re well aware of it,” the worker said. “It’s just a suggestion, I dunno.”

This is not me it’s someone else video. I just shared it!

Posted by Jennifer Gomez on Saturday, May 16, 2020

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