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Urban Digital Art Project Making a Wave Around the World

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – D’strict, a South Korean digital solutions company is making waves this week after unveiling their latest work, “Public Media Art #, Wave”.  The company which has mastered the art of digital effects and illusions is now getting notoriety for their achievement.  This isn’t the first time D’strict wow’d the world. They have created several stunning visual arts concepts for advertising, marketing and entertainment in the past.  The company is one of the pioneers of outdoor digital effects and displays.

“District is a design company that designs innovative space-based user experiences (UX) through content creation using digital media technology . District, which has changed its flagship business in response to changes in various digital media technologies since its establishment in 2004, has launched a world’s first digital theme park, “LIVE PARK” in 2012, and has a new concept of entertainment based on content (IP) on a specific theme. We are carrying out the “Digital Theme Park” business that realizes space and the “Digital eXperience Design” business that provides innovative spatial experiences for HIGH-END real estate and brands,” the company said.

Public Media Art #1 "WAVE" with Anamorphic illusion Short version: version:, d'strict specializes in designing, making and delivering breathtaking visual content on Digital Out Of Home.In order to offer the world a new experience, we are proud to announce some exciting new business – IP licensing.Our first case of IP licensing, "WAVE" with anamorphic illusion has been successfully revealed on a magnificent DOOH of COEX K-POP SQUARE in Seoul, the largest & high-definition outdoor advertising screen in S.Korea at 80.9m (w) x 20.1m (h).We aim to develop numerous attractive visual content that can be licensed into any size and shape of the public media screen consistently.For any inquiries, please contact us,———————————— 디스트릭트는 옥외에 설치된 다양한 형태, 규모의 퍼블릭 미디어를 보유한 사업자를 대상으로 감각적인 ART 콘텐츠를 합리적인 가격에 이용할 수 있는 “퍼블릭미디어 IP 라이선스”사업을 진행합니다. 2020년부터 라이선스 가능한 콘텐츠 라이브러리를 지속 확대할 예정이며, 그 첫 번째 콘텐츠인 “WAVE”는 아나몰픽 일루전 방식으로 제작되어 서울 강남에 위치한 가로 80.9M X 세로 20.1M의 COEX K-POP SQUARE에 처음 라이선스 되었습니다. “WAVE” 콘텐츠는 고객사가 보유한 LED 스크린의 사이즈, 형태에 맞춰 원하는 기간 동안 라이선스 가능합니다. 이후 지속적으로 업데이트될 디스트릭트의 “퍼블릭 미디어 IP 라이선스” 콘텐츠를 기대해 주세요. 관련 문의사항은 dstrict@dstrict.com으로 연락 주세요.

Posted by d'strict on Thursday, May 14, 2020


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