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Testa Back in the Game, Calls for Sweeney, Murphy to Reopen New Jersey

VINELAND, NJ – New Jersey Republican Senator Michael Testa has hung up his apron and put the baking sheets back in the closet and is now rolling up his flour infused sleeves to urge Governor Murphy to put New Jersey back to work and allow small businesses to reopen.  Throughout the pandemic, during the lockdown, Testa has shown off his mad baking skills…pizza…bread, but now, it’s game on again.

“Our South Jersey restaurants are barely making ends meet. Last week, the Mayor of North Wildwood created a well-organized plan to allow community restaurants to open up and enjoy the beautiful weather,” said Testa.

“What did our heavy handed Cape May County prosecutor do? He followed Gov. Murphy’s orders and shut down the plan. Then the governor’s administration had a helicopter monitor the city. Are we currently living in George Orwell’s 1984?”

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In efforts to prevent alcohol on North Wildwood roads, Mayor Patrick Rosenello established designated areas for people to drink safety. However, the areas were shut down by the Cape May County prosecutor according to reports from New Jersey 101.5.

“This is about the economic collapse of the tourism industry, which is one of the largest industries in the State of New Jersey and the only industry for many parts of the State,” Mayor Rosenello said. “Senator Testa and I have been outspoken for weeks about this issue. The Governor received widespread support and buy-in from millions of people because we were told the shutdown was to stop our health care system from being overrun. That threat not only never materialized, hospitals are now actually laying people off because they have so little business. The ‘curve’ that we were all supposed to be working to ‘flatten’ is now about as flat as the economic heartbeat of this State. It is time to reopen.”

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“How many plans sit on the Governor’s desk idle? Small business plans, community zoo ideas, restaurants reopening structures, Chamber of Commerce strategies, and more….” Testa said. “With each passing day, our economy’s survival is closer and closer to the edge.”

Senator Testa also noted that a study and plan submitted to the Governor’s office by the Morris County Chamber of Commerce exposes that patrons of the Governor’s approved businesses are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 in comparison to residents participating in outdoor activities.

“What metrics are the Governor using? Morris County ranks a Big Box store a at high-risk 4 out of 5 when it comes to the safety of your family, however, many outdoor activities rank at a safe 1 out of 5,” Testa added. “The economic impacts caused by the Governor Murphy’s never ending state shutdown have already crippled our economy and will possibly devastated South Jersey businesses for the next decade. The matter of fact is that our business owners are captains of their industry and they are fully capable of opening and keeping their employees and customers safe.”

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“I am calling on Senate Republicans and Democrats to reach across the aisle and stop the Governor’s economic disaster before we hit a cliff.”

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