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Police Searching for Criminals Who Unchained Soccer Goals and Put them Back on Field

WESTFIELD, NJ – Police in Westfield are searching for the criminals, who remain at-large after unchaining soccer goals locked up by the parks department and putting the goals back onto the field.  This action not only violates Governor Phil Murphy’s no-sports lockdown, it endangers the community by enticing others in the community to play soccer.  Soccer has been deemed unsafe by Governor Murphy Until June 22nd, at which time it will become safe.

“On May 5, 2020, a Ridgewood Parks Department employee reported discovered criminal mischief damage at Maple Field Park. The soccer goals were removed from the field during the Covid restrictions and left chained together. An unknown person reportedly cut the chains placed them back on the field and damaged the soccer goals,” the department said.”

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Photo by Mari Carmen Del Valle Cámara on Unsplash

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