COVID-19 Cases in Long Term Care Facilities Rising Once Again As Cases Drop Overall

TRENTON, NJ – As COVID-19 new cases are rapidly diminishing across the Garden State, since Mid-May, cases in the state’s long term care facilities is slowly increasing according to information shared today by Governor Phil Murphy.  From April through mid-May, cases were being reported at the rate of nearly 800 new cases per day in those facilities.  That rate dropped off sharply in mid-May, but is slowly creeping up in recent days, from about 300 new cases per day to about 500 new cases per day.

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Murphy quickly glossed over this data at his daily covid-19 briefing, instead focusing on the rapid downward spiral of COVID-19 in the general population.

Overall, statewide, since April, positive tests have declined from nearly 50% to just 4.2%.

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