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Governor Murphy: COVID-19 Pandemic that Killed 120,0000 Americans Is Not a Reason to Not Protest

TRENTON, NJ – After nearly a week of close quarters protesting across New Jersey, Governor Murphy said he is concerned about the possibility of a second wave of infections.  Although the Governor openly endorses this form of protest, but not others, he said he is worried that those who protested were not all wearing face masks and maintaining his desired six-foot social distancing.

“Do we get concerned about a potential spike coming out of this?” Murphy said. “Yeah, it does concern us, which is why we’re asking folks, we respect completely your right to protest, particularly given the gravity of why folks are protesting, but please do it responsibly, as much distance and something like this to cover your face.”

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As the rate of new COVID-19 infections has consistently and drastically decreased since late April, the next few days will be a test to see how much exposure has occurred during nearly a full week of public protests.

“And I said this yesterday, Judy, I think we probably — I want to say this more forcefully. If you do participate, get tested. We’ve got capacity. We’ve spent the past three months building up capacity unlike any American state,” Murphy said.  “It’s there. One of our kids went to get tested today and noticed only one other car in line to get tested, in a place with a lot more capacity. So I’d say yes, I’m concerned but that’s not a reason not to protest, but it is a reason to be responsible. And on that list, I think, should be to get tested.”

Murphy’s administration, on the other hand, has been violating the civil rights of small business owners and other New Jersey residents who have been protesting his extended unconstitutional lockdown.    This week, the administration continued issuing $1,000 fines to small businesses and threats to revoke liquor licenses of businesses reopening in protest of his forced closures.

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