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Murphy Administration Charges White Female for Organizing Protests Against Him

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy who speaks each day about New Jersey’s right to protest is singing a different tune when it comes to people protesting against his own use of excessive force.   What happened to George Floyd is no doubt a travesty.  It should never happen in America.  No cop can ever be judge, juror, and executioner in America, but Phil Murphy has been exerting his own unconstitutional force against New Jersey and small business owners for the past month.

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Murphy now has is eyes on Ayla Wolf, a white female who has been a driving force behind the protests around the state against the governor’s dictatorial actions against small businesses, religious freedom, and personal freedom.  She has now been issued 8 summonses for her involvement in peaceful pro-business, anti-Murphy protests.

“I have huge battle to fight,” Wolf said. “hey tried to get me twice in Trenton, the other two were in Belmawr with Ian for organizing a protest and for just being there, next 6 were on the way to Trenton protest at a roadblock.”

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Ayla said she has retained a constitutional lawyer and is working to also help other with legal representation defending assaults from the Murphy administration against the personal freedoms of those he disagrees with.

“Our constitutional lawyers will be representing everyone that was charged at Ian’s gym even just for being there. And they were at my protests and Ian’s gym also, boots on the ground with us but this is a separate fund,” she added.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for legal expenses incurred by protesters and businesses charged for violating Governor Phil Murphy’s executive orders.

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