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Thousands of Stores Can’t Open June 15th As Murphy Keeps Malls Shut Down

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy said, “We’re not there on malls.”   On June 15th when New Jersey retail businesses have limited reopenings, followed by barbers and salons on  June 22nd, many of those businesses will remain shut down by Phil Murphy’s order for the foreseeable future.   That’s because the Governor has not indicated when, or if he will reopen malls to the general public.   Businesses owners with mall-based barbershops, retail stores and restaurants will remain shut down until the science magic 8-ball used by Murphy tells him malls are safe.

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With paycheck prevention protection and unemployment benefits running out, combined with high mall rent, many of these businesses may not make it to the day Murphy reopens indoor shopping malls.

Stores with direct access to the parking lots have been allowed to offer curbside pickup in shopping malls.   Murphy has offered no plan or insight, at least publicly on what the measurements to reopen malls will be.


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