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Hirsh Singh: Three Years Ago, Rikin Mehta Was Pushing Abortion Pills, Today He’s a “Republican” Running For U.S. Senate

LINWOOD, NJ — Republican U.S. Senate Candidate, Hirsh Singh strongly condemned his opponent in the primary Rikin Mehta after it emerged that Mehta had been instrumental in overseeing a deceptive policy at a pharmaceutical company to label abortion pills as pills to treat ulcers in order to sell them.

The controversial drug, Cytotec which also goes by the generic name misoprostol, is labeled as a pill for ulcers, but it has been reported that “Pfizer no longer actively promotes Cytotec as an ulcer drug” and “that the company does not track its sales figures.” However, the pharmaceutical company continues to manufacture the Cytotec and Pfizer’s webpage clearly states that the drug is meant for ulcers and can induce abortion which is clearly a coded message to those who want to order the pill for abortion.

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Pfizer’s webpage states that the information relating to Cytotec was “Revised January 2017”. Mehta was the Head of Regulatory Policy for Pfizer at that time and this policy clearly fell under the scope of his responsibility. In 2018, announced that pills for mail-order-abortions were now available and mentioned Pfizer’s misoprostol in their article.

“This is disgusting,” said Hirsh Singh, who added that “Mehta is responsible for the mass-murder of millions of pre-born babies and conservatives in New Jersey should not vote for him.”

This exposé adds to a long list of points that conservatives have used to label Mehta a Democrat. Mehta got onto the ballot with his petition being circulated and signed by far-left radicals who were members of the Green Party and the Democrat Party. He has a history of getting political appointments under two progressive mayors of Washington D.C., including anti-Trump Mayor Muriel Bowser; these appointments reserved almost exclusively for trusted progressives. Under the progressive mayors, Mehta was reported as praising Obamacare, and he not only voted for Obama, but had even enthusiastically participated in the Democrat primaries — establishing the fact that he was not just an ordinary voter who had been misled in good faith, but a Democrat insider who would later serve as Obama’s FDA Deputy Director.

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Furthermore, the internal database of the Republican Party (the GOP Data Center) tagged Mehta as a “Hard Democrat.” In complete contrast, Hirsh Singh is listed as a “Hard Republican.” Despite this, some in the GOP establishment have thrown their weight behind Mehta, arguing that his record shows that he would be a “bipartisan” candidate who can strike deals with the Democrats. In response, a conservative voter stated, “we don’t need to make a deal with the devil” and has vowed to work to defeat Mehta and vote for the conservative Hirsh Singh.

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Press Release written by Hirsh Singh for U.S. Senate.

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